Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Panda

Sometimes you see things on the Web that are funny, sometimes you find things that are awesome, and then there are rare times when you find something that is just truly, Epic.....this is one of those times. i now have a new idol, i only hope to be half as awesome as this one day. .....enjoy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

LSD is a hell of a drug

Ok, i found this and had to put it up for you to see. from what i hear the back story on this is some guy was high on LSD or something and someone else recorded him talking while watching TV, after it was on youtube someone put a little lizard animation for more lawls, enjoy.

Games to come

Ok, the next game ill be looking at will be "Red Dead Redemption". i'm looking forward to this one, ive been hoping  for a good western ever since i beat "Gun" while i remember that game as being good, it was also lacking in a lot of ways. so if you will excuse me I'm going to go drive to my post office and rise hell about how long its taking... also any games (old or new) you would like me to review leave it in the comments.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thoughts on Mass Effect 2

After spending the last few weeks in a coma of video gaming bliss with this tittle, and sending it on its way to someone else via gamefly. i have some time to think back on what i liked about it and what i didn't. being a big fan of the first game i had really high hopes for this one. and in a lot of ways i was not disappointed, in fact the few things that most people disliked about the first one, namely the cover system, was pretty much fixed. however i did find the over all length of the game to be kind of short. maybe it just felt that way. it did have a lot of action that had a way of sucking you in to the point that time just flew by. not that im saying that's a bad thing (well maybe for your real life activates, you know, wife, kids, family, work, friends....errr ex friends) one thing that kind of jumped out at me, was the fact that it seemed like 60% of the game was "side quests" you did for your crew in order to gain  their loyalty, so they don't die in the last mission. and looking back on it does seem kind of odd. "ill work with you, ill follow you into hell itself. but if you don't help me become popular with the other Krogans, well i won't care if i live or die!! I MEAN IT!!" and i say "side quests" because don't get me wrong, they were fun. in fact they really did feel like a needed part of the game, not just something Bioware slapped in last minute to give the game more bulk. but all in all i really enjoyed it, and im looking forward to ME3, and punching that reporter one more time.....I'm just sayin'